(NASDAQ: AMD at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-amd) now encounters a downturn which hasn’t happened in years? The recent change of NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), which have brought AMD into the bear market territory, induced instability among shareholders. However, the decline in AMD may have offered investors the best buying opportunity over the years in this chip stock in the centre of counterpoints among main peers.

The counterpoint competitors of AMD

AMD has been high-ranking CEO Lisa Su for many years. Su took over a close failing business in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) market, which made it competitive with NVIDIA. According to Jon Peddie Research, AMD’s GPU market share increased to 19 percent in 2020.Su also took advantage of Intel chaos and took technical advantage of central processing units (CPUs). As Intel continues to postpone the introduction of a comparable chip, AMD markets still 7nm Processors.

However, AMD’s stock has plummeted in the last few weeks, as its competitors are offset. Patrick Gelsinger was named CEO by Intel. In the past, he was the Intel Technology Leader and aided in the construction of the first 80486. In that experience, he puts an ingenuine into the role of CEO in order to restore the foundries of the company and retake Intel’s lead for decades over AMD.


Compared to several NVIDIA above 75 AMD still looks cheap. Nevertheless, in order to improve the rivalry in the data centre, NVIDIA has bought Mellanox. For both computing and graphic workloads, GPU driven data centres may give better performance. This may therefore probably be a profitable NVIDIA niche.

In comparison, NVIDIA made late in the year competitive advancements against AMD. The GPU market share of AMD is currently 17% smaller than last summer’s 19 percent. NVIDIA has also maintained its contract with Nintendo for the Switch console processor. While PlayStation and Xbox are running on (NASDAQ: AMD) Processors from Sony, NVIDIA will still keep some games.

Investors have therefore swayed on the portfolio of AMD. The P/E ratio has not only fallen for several years, but has lost only 15% of its worth since it hit an ever-high value in January. Whereas half of the decline is attributed to a 5% drop in the Nasdaq, the counterattacks were also tolling.

Down and out hard

Investors cannot, however, conclude that (NASDAQ: AMD) is not packing its own counterpoints. It maintains a close bond with its chip maker, the Semiconductor of Taiwan, which maintains a technological lead in Intel’s foundries. So, AMD could launch a 5nm option in the near future since Intel is eventually launching a 7nm chip. There are many other stocks like amex acy at https://www.webull.com/quote/amex-acy which you can buy.