Have you watched the series of harry potter movies and read the fictional novels written and directed by author J.K. Rowling? If you have, have you ever wondered which Hogwarts house is the worst one? 


Well, every Hogwarts house has its own strengths and weakness. But, which is that one Hogwarts house that is more uncool and weaker than the other houses? Ever compared the houses while talking to your friends? You would have at some point in time. 


According to us, we find that Hufflepuff is one of the worst Hogwarts house ever. Wait! Don’t get mad right away, you Hufflepuffs. We will give you reasonable logic that supports the thought of considering it as the worst Hogwarts house ever. So, let us get into the reasons right away!


Reason #1 

It just seems uncool. Don’t you ever think about why it hasn’t contributed to the world of magic? Well, perception is everything, and it can take anyone anywhere in the clouds of thoughts. This has already burnt the status of the Hogwarts house Hufflepuff. Some people also think that Hufflepuff is the gayest house ever. I know, it’s the saddest thing one could say, and it might offend some of you. 


Reason #2

Have you ever found Hufflepuff doing anything notable in the movie? Think about it honestly! No matter how much hard work and effort they put into it, characters like Cedric Diggory and other Hufflepuffs shown in the movie never got them anywhere. They never really win anything. This one of the saddest reasons that we can provide. I know the truth is a bit harsh, but it is a fact though. I agree they are perceived as one of the kindest creatures available on earth, but being nice always isn’t going to help them in a long run. 


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